The Sign For Work team supported Jessica, who is deaf, in her search for employment.  Jessica is now very happy in her new role at Urban Paws Doggy Daycare & Pet Services and shared her experiences:

“I love animals and dogs are my favourite. My first job was working with animals but I was being bullied in the workplace. I had to move on and I was then out of work for around seven months. A friend told me Sign For Work was the best place to go. They helped me when I was looking for work, got me into a Certificate 1 course in Grooming and helped set everything up with Urban Paws. I knew one of the business owners, Roger, from my old job and that helped. I started last October and since then, the Sign For Work team have visited and supported me with interpreting and helped other staff with deafness awareness training. I had nothing like that in my old job. At Urban Paws, I am a dog handler and grooming assistant. I am learning how to do different hairstyles. I want to say thank you to Roger and Melinda. I love working at Urban Paws with them. It’s great!”

Urban Paws business owner Roger De Payva says, “I used to be Jessica’s manager in another business six years ago so I knew what she could bring to Urban Paws.  Jessica may have lost one of her senses but I think it has made her stronger in her communication with dogs. She has this energy around them and they love her. The communication is all about body language. You don’t need to talk. It is a natural thing I see in Jessica – that quietness and calmness. Some other people may not have given her a chance but it was meant to be that Jessica would work here. We all fit together so well. We have no problems passing on messages to her and all the team are comfortable working with Jess. Now she is part of our pack. We hope Jessica will stay at Urban Paws and be with us for the long term.”

Roger’s partner Melinda De Payva added, “Sign for Work has been very helpful in assisting our company with staff. The onsite support and follow up has been very helpful to our team and we would have no hesitation in recommending Sign for Work to any other organisation which is looking for staff.”

Jessica with some of the dogs she loves working with. Thanks to Urban Paws for this photograph.

Jessica with some of the dogs she loves working with.
Photograph credit to Urban Paws.