Jennifer is a skilled bookkeeper who had been looking for work for almost 2 years. Jennifer’s story shows how persistence, effort, and help from the right service has resulted in a great outcome. Jennifer transferred to Sign For Work from another Disability Employment Services provider in November of last year, and from the hard work from both herself and her case manager in applying for as many roles as possible and sending out expressions of interest, Jennifer was contacted to attend an interview for a bookkeeping role with a flooring company. In her own words, Jennifer tells her story of job search success below:

“I am Jennifer and I am a qualified bookkeeper using MYOB programme.

Many years ago I put myself through business college as I was dissatisfied with my, then current, job and thrived to do something different and better. After 3 months in business college I landed a job with a caravan manufacturer which lasted 11 years under that ownership. The business then changed hands and after 2 years of working for the new owners, the business closed its doors and we were all made redundant.  I was then offered a job with another caravan manufacturer which I took. Over the years that I worked with both of those business I was involved in a lot of on-site and off-site training with MYOB which increased my skills & experience.

In 2013 my husband & I moved to the Toowoomba region. I thought with my excellent qualification & experience I would find a job easily but that was not the case.  I registered with an employment agency for assistance and while they did help to a degree,  I also searched the internet for vacancies on my own and I have lost count of how many jobs I applied for and the number of interviews I have attended.

One thing from the job search experience stood out for me, which was the negative  attitude I felt displayed to me by the interview panel at many of the interviews I attended. The interviewers often questioned me about my deafness and asked things like “how can we communicate with you?”.  It really made me feel disillusioned and my self-esteem was taking a battering.

Toward the end of last year I switched over to Sign For Work, and I went in with high hopes of them helping me to find work.  I found the Sign For Work staff very positive and helpful each time I met up with them for job search appointments, then one day I got an SMS from them saying I got an interview. I thought “Oh yeah! But what if the employer ask the same old questions about my deafness?”.

On the day of the interview, a Sign For Work staff member attended to interpret for me. I wasn’t nervous or excited as I was mentally preparing myself for another rejection. But the interview went well and the employer asked me when I could start. I just could not believe I finally got a job! On the first day I started work, both my Case Manager and an Interpreter from Sign For Work were there to help us with, on the job training and, any questions I needed to ask about the work I needed to do.  I have been working for this small flooring business for over two months now, I enjoy the work and the staff are friendly and helpful.”


Jennifer in her new bookkeeping role at the flooring company