Sign For Work is committed to providing services which will lead to REAL and SUSTAINABLE jobs for Indigenous people

At Sign For Work, we support a broad range of activities that are responsive to the needs of employers, Indigenous Australians and their communities.

These include activities such as;

  • Encouraging and supporting employers to provide sustainable employment opportunities for Indigenous Australians
  • Encouraging and supporting Indigenous Australians to take up training and employment opportunities, stay in jobs and enhance their future employment prospects
  • Assisting Indigenous communities, industry bodies and groups of employers to develop Indigenous workforce and economic development strategies that support local economic growth
  • Assisting Indigenous Australians to develop sustainable businesses and economic opportunities
Like any other jobseeker, Indigenous jobseekers benefit most from services tailored to their circumstances, which respect their personal and cultural background.

How do we do things differently?

  • We meet with Indigenous community groups in the local area and establish a working relationship to help jobseekers find support and prospective work
  • We seek and find employers who have hired and retained Indigenous employees in the past
  • We link with education , traineeship and apprenticeship organisations
  • We actively promote jobseeker’s skills to potential employers
  • When required we will accompany jobseekers to job interviews
  • We provide extensive Post Placement Support
  • We are aware of complementary programs that can help to assist Indigenous jobseekers to obtain work
Sign For Work supporting local Indigenous artists.


Please contact Sign For Work for further information.